Monday, June 25, 2012

The One Who Waters

"So then neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but only God who gives the growth," (I Cor. 3:7 HCSB).

I love to water my plants. Even in the summer when it is a never ending job, I love it. It's not as easy as it seems and I have posted some watering tips in my article "Watering 101" on my gardening page.

Before one waters they must first:
  • Check out the moisture in the soil so a person will know how much to water, if any at the time.
  • Know your plants.
  • Water deeply.
  • Watering once isn't always enough.

These are just a few watering tips. It is the same when we are sharing the message of Jesus Christ to someone.
  • We must see how much the person we are ministering too already knows about Jesus and see if they are ready to go to a deeper place in their relationship. A new Christian needs to be treated differently than a mature saint.
  • We must know the person and their background as much as we can. This too will help us know how much we need to "water" with the Word.
  • We need to water deeply. Just like I don't throw a little water on a plant now and then and expect it to grow, it is the same with sharing God's Word. We need to share from our hearts the Words God gives us and we a need to be a constant presence in that persons life if possible.
  • Sharing our faith with someone once isn't always enough. We may need to gain their friendship, trust, and respect before we can share God's love. We may need to give them God's truths, and then come back again and give it to them another way, using another example.

Most of all we need to remember that God is the one who gives the growth to a person. We may be the one who plants or we may be the one who waters, but "only God who gives the growth," (I Cor. 3:7).

Next time you are watering your garden, or container plants, ask God to show you ways you can "water" the spiritual heart of others.