Monday, January 18, 2016

Me Do It!

I'm not the kind of girl that can "kick back" and just let things take care of themselves.

Oh no . . . I'm more like the toddler who won't let you help them and looks up at you and says with defiance, "No! Me do it!"

For some reason, even as an adult, I want to look at those who are trying to help me and say, "No! Me do it!"

It's not that I think my way is always the right way, or that I can do it better, it's just that for some reason I feel as though I NEED to do it.

Ok, maybe sometimes I do think I can do it better.

It's just something that drives me.

But if I stay on this track too long, I become weary, discouraged, and unproductive. Thank goodness I have family and friends around me that understand me and will call me out if need be. I have a close relationship with them and because of this they can often see before I can that I'm over-doing it and bring it to my attention.

And they do.

But they aren't the only ones.

As a Christ-follower I have spent years developing a close relationship with Jesus Christ and through Him, a close relationship with my heavenly Father. When I accepted Jesus as my Savior, I received the Holy Spirit who teaches me, "But the Helper, the Holy Spirit . . . He will teach you all things," (John 14:26 NASB).

He teaches me, AND He calls me out.

And it happened again today.

So . . . here I am praying, thinking, planning -- trying to work some things out.

I started out right. I prayed.

But I just couldn't stop there and let God do it. No, the "Me Do It!" attitude took flight.

Then I saw in God's Word today five words that jumped off the page:

". . . and He will do it . . ." (Psa. 37:5 NASB).

Bang . . . called out.

The things I have been praying for are things that I need to let HIM work out, not me. I really do need to kick back, and "let go and let God," do HIS thing.

Dear Father, 
Thank you for
 loving me enough to remind me 
that I'm not the one who is in control, 
and that it is not my duty to make things happen. 
Thank you for stopping me before I get in the way 
and maybe even hinder what you are trying to accomplish. 
As Jesus taught me to pray, "Your will be done," (Matt. 6:10).
In Jesus name I pray, 

"Commit your way to the Lord, Trust also in Him, and He will do it," (Psa. 37:5 NASB).

photo courtesy of and greyerbaby