Monday, June 4, 2018

Stay Tuned for Exciting Things In the Future

Last month I drove from Greenville, SC to Charlotte, NC and then the next morning I flew to Chicago, IL.

I sat for a couple of hours in Chicago, then flew to Seattle, WA.

So far so good until I saw the small prop plane that was waiting to take me to Wenatchee, WA.

But, I landed safely in Wenatchee and began an hour drive to the most beautiful lake--Lake Chelan.


To attend the Rubart Writing Academy where I met some wonderful writers and instructions.

And to receive this:

More happened than I can share in one post therefore it will be shared in small bites. But the most imporant thing that happened was that I got a clear vision and plan for this speaking/writing journey I have been on for the last few years.

Stay tuned for exciting things in the future:

  • New website
  • New ministry - Extreme Joy Ministries
  • More Facebook Live videos
  • Upcoming Bible Studies I will be teaching
  • Upcoming Conferences in which I will be speaking

But the most exciting thing of all is that I want you to join me on this journey. God has been showing me through the years and then reminded me on this past trip that . . .

He has so much for each of us. 

  • He has plans for us.
  • He has placed dreams and goals in us and He wants us to reach them.
  • He wants us to live a life of extreme joy--no matter what circumstances we are facing or have faced in the past.

Let me walk along side of you and be your biggest encourager. 

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Let's do this together!