About Me

Beth Fortune

I like to write, but more than that I love to speak.

I like to to read, but more than that I love to study God's Word.

I like to make new friends, but more than that I love to bring them along with me and do life together.

My passions?
   Encourage others . . .
   Bring a smile on a person's face . . .
   Share what I have learned through my life experiences . . .

Yes, I have been published in magazines and anthologies, written for Chicken Soup for the Soul, even blogged for websites like Charles Stanley's In Touch Ministries and other devotional sites. I have been speaking and ministering for over 25 years and had the opportunity to make many new friends along the way. But . . . the most important thing I want you to know is that I am a Christ follower and my goal in life is to use my gifts to communitcate to others His love, grace, and mercy.

I'm who I am because of Jesus Christ, the people in my life, the parent's who raised me, my husband who loves and believes in me, my family who supports me in all that I do (and try to do but fail sometimes) and the company I keep.

I enjoy:
   hanging out with my friends
   sweet tea
   being with my family . . . which includes our rescue   
      named Gracie
   and I can't walk past a bag of Peanut M&Ms without 
      grabbing a few, well more like a handful.

Enough about me!

I want to know more about you!

I hope you will sign up for my blog/newsletter so we can get to know each other better. You can find it located on the home page in the top right hand corner.